Operations Manager

The role of an operations manager is very important within an organisation. The operations manager’s role can be summed up as ensuring that the organisation runs at its maximum productivity while maintaining high standards.

For this role the chief operating officer needs great communication skills as they will need to liaise with other staff and senior business managers. Some of the staff they are likely to be in regular contact with are the executive assistant, marketing manager and chief financial officer.

One of the day to day roles an operations manager will complete will be the preparation of budgets. Traditionally seen as the job of a chief financial officer, the operations manager will aid in this task to ensure that all department receive the correct funding for maximum benefit, without encouraging financial wastage. For this task the operations manager needs excellent communication and problem solving skills.

A great deal of the job also centres on people skills. The operations manager is responsible for the supervision of employees, especially in customer service. Part of their responsibilities for staff is ensuring that safety management is being adhered to and conducting training sessions. They will also help with the motivation of the employees of the organisation in order to boost productivity. This part of the role will require a great deal of organisation and creativity of the job holder and the need to think on their feet and make instant decisions with no hesitation is a must.

From the other side, the operations manager is responsible for the clientele perception of the organisation. They often have dialogue with customers about feedback after reviewing their comments. Normally an operations manager will complete statistics about the customer feedback and feed this up to their seniors. It is therefore important that the operations manager to be a good judge of character as they seek out to hire the correct customer service staff.

A good operations manager is good at facilitating the organisation in building long term relationships with clients that continue the growth of the business.

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